Saying Goodbye

We Understand

We understand that losing a treasured pet can be a difficult experience.  We would like to think our pets will always be with us and we hope that they will quietly pass away in their sleep when the time comes.

We care

Sadly, injury or illness may mean that we have to discuss putting our pet to sleep with the vet, and deciding for euthanasia may be one of the hardest decisions you have to make.  Carried out at the right time, however, you can view it as being one of the last acts of kindness you do for your pet.

Our vets will discuss with you your preferences and needs in deciding when it is time to say goodbye and what additional services you may require.   They will also explain to you the procedure itself, which, for many owners, can seem to be an unknown and frightening prospect.   You can be assured that it is always carried out sensitively and compassionately; if your pet appears to be unduly distressed, the vet may recommend sedation in order to reduce any stress your pet is experiencing.

The euthanasia can be carried out at the practice, or if you prefer, we can arrange for a home visit.   If you request a home visit we will try to arrange a mutually convenient time. Please contact us to discuss your home visit requirements as early as possible.  We will always try to accommodate your wishes. However, it is not always possible to achieve this aim in every situation. 

Your choice

After your pet has passed away, there are 3 main choices for you to make: you can opt for home burial, where you take your pet home with you; you may choose individual cremation where the ashes will be returned to you, or you can opt for routine cremation, where your pet’s ashes are scattered in the woodland memorial gardens in Sancreed.  You may also like to request on of our memory boxes, which includes a clay paw print and hair clipping of your beloved pet.

Mounts Bay Vets have chosen a local provider, Penwith Woodland Burial and Pet Crematorium, to arrange all pet cremation services; you can be confident that their caring team will treat your pet with compassion and care.

Bereavement support:

Everyone is different, but after the death of a pet, many people feel an unexpected depth of grief and loss.  This can sometimes take us by surprise and sometimes is mixed with feelings of guilt about the decision to euthanase or that is wrong to be so affected by our loss.  We would assure you that the way you feel is perfectly natural and it is normal to grieve for a loved one, human or animal. You may find it hard to speak about this to friends and family.  Not everyone is able to understand how you feel and you may experience feelings of isolation and loneliness.  The Bluecross offer free confidential support on their helpline 0800 096 6606, as well as providing help at We can also put you in touch with local bereavement support.